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I am about to release my exciting new kit The Anzacs: 100 Years On, as part of the Commemoration of Anzac observations that will occur between 2014 and 2018. I hope to take the kit around Australia and New Zealand during those years, together with a ninety-minute ausio-visual presentation.

The kit consists of a prestigious hard-cover, full-colour book of 170 pages, with illustrated dust-cover as enclosed, containing around 100 superb photographs, maps, sheet music and a comprehensive text from me, presenting my thesis that we should deplore war, abhor and expose the armourers, but salute and respect heroism of the men and women from our two nations who volunteered for what they perceived to be a good cause.

A FREE companion to the book is my CD album The Anzacs: 100 Years On, comprising 20 relevant songs, most of them my compositions.

I come to this topic with a strong family connection and interest. My mother, Grace Brennan, had three brothers who volunteered to join the Australian Light Horse in 1914. Jack Brennan was killed at Gallipoli in October 1915. Bob Brennan went on to serve three years straight in the horror of the Western Front. Martin Brennan went to the Middle East, was engaged in many conflicts, was briefly a prisoner-of-war, escaped, rejoined his regiment. I wrote my Song for Grace to record the story my mother, Grace, told me at age twelve. She was the most anti-war person I ever knew.

The kit will be ready for distribution during August 2014 and I invite you to order now, so that your autographed copy can be posted to you on Day One. The price? For $40, I will cover package, postal charges and autographing to your instruction.

A bonus. Listed are six DVDs (film clips) to cover songs of mine. One of these will be A GIFT TO YOU. Any additional DVDs you would like are yours @ AN ADDITIONAL $5 each. Song for Grace, Gallipoli, Beersheba, Drover's Boy, Old Ned and Sayonara Nakamura.

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