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The Land Downunder
The Land Downunder is about the people who have made Australia the colourful, exuberant and modern nation it is. They are convicts, pioneers, explorers, adventurers and entrepreneurs. And they are the first Australians – the Aboriginal people.

Above all there are women. Ted argues that through its history women have been the real stalwarts of Australian life.

The book has over 50 fine illustrations. The Land Downunder is worth buying for its pictures alone. Many of them are classics, which have seldom or never appeared in print.

There are also the lyrics of many of Ted’s best loved songs. Numbers like The Drover’s Boy, A Song for Grace, God’s Police, The Tiger and the Don, The Girl from Botany Bay, and I’ve Been Everywhere, Man are based on true stories, and have a resonance that make them special, atmospheric and very Australian.

It was Ted Egan who introduced Rolf Harris to the song Two Little Boys, and Rolf writes a preface to the book, recommending it. “He is a marvellous man”, says Rolf of Ted,”a great entertainer with a gift for communication. Ted’s knowledge of and empathy for the people who have shaped our land, shines through in this book… it will appeal to young and old alike”.

The 232-page book has an attractive cover, is printed on high-quality paper, and contains a glossary of Australian terms and an extensive reading list.

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